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Site conditions or general terms and conditions of


Article 1: Definitions

1.1 In these general terms and conditions ("Terms") the following definitions apply: ("WTC"): the supplier referred to in these Terms, or an associated enterprise;

Client: every natural person or legal person with whom WTC enters into negotiations for purposes of concluding an Agreement;

Agreement: any agreement entered into between WTC and Client, any alterations or additions to such an Agreement, and all (legal) actions taken in the course of preparing or executing that Agreement;

Internet: a world wide conglomeration of linked computer networks, through which information can be requested and exchanged; the WTC web site on the Internet, where the Client can announce, offer, or otherwise promote his products or services, as well as access and/or inspect data files.

Home Page: the Client's opening page on the Internet;

Site: the Client's own pages, accessible by way of the Home Page, and also, where agreed, by way of the;

Data Files: text, images, sound, software, information, and anything else which is convertible for use on a Home Page or Site;

Domain Name: the Internet address of the Client. This is not the same thing as an E-mail address;

E-mail address: a Client's own protected area, which can be linked to the by way of a hyperlink, or some other means;

Hypertext: a system for linking certain data files on Home Pages and Sites, by way of highlighted text ("hyperlink");

HTTP: Hypertext Transport Protocol;

Products: any items which are the subject of an Agreement;

Services: any service which is the subject of an Agreement including, but not restricted to running and management of advertisements and Data Files on the on behalf of the Client, assisting in the design and accessing of Home Pages/Sites, making Data Files available, and providing services related to Domain names;

Order: any order from the Client to WTC.

Article 2: Applicability

2.1 These Terms constitute a part of all Agreements, and are applicable to all actions and legal actions taken by WTC and Client.

2.2 Unless the nature or specific content of a provision in these Terms indicates otherwise, the provisions of these Terms are also applicable to agreements whereby WTC does not act in its usual capacity of seller and/or provider of services.

2.3 The applicability of any general or specific terms or stipulations of the Client is explicitly rejected by WTC.

Article 3: Offers, Conclusion of Agreements, Quotations and Specifications for Products and/or Services

3.1 An offer or (price) quotation is not binding on WTC, serving only as an invitation to place an Order.

3.2 Budgets, plans, catalogues, software applications, data files, and any other items accompanying an offer or (price) quotation, remain the property of WTC at all times.

3.3 An Agreement is only concluded if, and to the extent that, WTC has either indicated its acceptance of that Order in writing, or has proceeded to execute the Order.

3.4 All statements by WTC of numbers, sizes, references and/or indications have been formulated with care. However, WTC cannot guarantee that there will be no deviations in these respects.

Article 4: Alterations and Additions

4.1 Additions and alterations to any provisions of an Agreement and/or the Terms are only valid if set out in writing by WTC, and will apply only to the Agreement in question.

Article 5: Use of Internet connection

5.1 WTC is not an access provider. Unless WTC and the Client agree otherwise, the Client must see to acquiring and maintaining his own Internet connection. The Client should also submit his own request for a Domain Name. WTC provides the Client with an E-mail address.

5.2 The Client will not utilise any Internet connection, or any Home Page and/or Site which is accessible via the, in a way which:
(I) infringes the (intellectual property) rights of WTC or third parties;
(II) is (in other ways) unlawful with respect to WTC or third parties;
(III) is in conflict with national or international regulations.

The Client indemnifies WTC against claims from third parties related to (alleged violation of) intellectual property rights, and other claims, such as on grounds of misleading advertising following publication by WTC of material supplied by the Client. The Client indemnifies WTC against all claims by third parties relating to Client's use of the Internet connection, his Home Page and/or Site.

Article 6: Management of Domain Names

6.1 At the request of the Client, WTC sees to the registration of Domain Names, and maintains a Domain Name registration system for the Client and other clients in return for a fee based on currently applicable rates. WTC reserves the right to make adjustments to the rates in question.

6.2 The Client agrees that the registration of a Domain Name takes place at the expense, and risk, of the Client. It is expressly agreed that such registration does not establish or confirm any trade name rights. Nor will WTC make inquiries as to whether the use of a particular Domain Name is allowed (with regard to trade name rights). This is the responsibility of the Client. The Client indemnifies WTC with regard to any claims that a Domain Name (registered by WTC) infringes the brand name or trade name rights of a third party.

Article 7: Data communications and telecommunications

7.1 The Client is responsible at all times for the correct choice and timely availability of telecommunications and data communications facilities, and the equipment necessary for the Client's utilisation of Products and/or execution of Services by WTC.

7.2 WTC accepts no responsibility for loss of data or Products, or inability on the part of the Client to utilise Products and/or Services, due to a shortcoming, defect, or functional failure of telecommunications and data communications facilities. This is also understood to include any (temporary or otherwise) functional failure of the Internet.

7.3 If WTC provides the Client with access or identification codes during data processing and/or the execution of Services involving telecommunications and data communications facilities, the Client will treat these codes as confidential, only making them known to authorised personnel, and under no circumstances making them available to third parties.

7.4 During data communications and telecommunications activities, the Client will adhere to the protocols and/or specifications indicated by WTC, and any other relevant instructions given by WTC.

7.5 WTC is not responsible for verification of the origins, authenticity, integrity and/or reliability of messages sent to WTC by the Client.

Article 8: Security and Privacy

8.1 The Client guarantees that all legal provisions relating to data to be processed, in particular the provisions of, or provisions based upon, the registration of persons Act, will be strictly observed, and that all notifications prescribed by law have been submitted. The Client will provide WTC with all relevant information in this regard in writing, as soon as it is requested. WTC will see to a level of security with respect to registration of persons, which is adequate with respect to current technology.

8.2 The Client indemnifies WTC against any claims which may be made against WTC by third parties as a result of violation of the registration of persons Act and/or legally prescribed custody periods.

Article 9: Products and Services

9.1 At the request of the Client - who places an order to this effect - WTC makes advertising space available to the Client on the The Client concludes an Agreement with WTC for this purpose. Where agreed, WTC also provides Hypertext links with the Home Page or the Client site.

9.2 WTC can also - at the request of the Client, who places an order to this effect - give the Client access for a certain period to confidential data files via the The Client takes out a subscription with WTC for this purpose.

9.3 The organisation, format, and further lay-out of an advertisement on the, which is understood to include specifications, header texts, Hypertext and (where applicable) category headings, will be determined as far as possible in consultation with the Client. WTC retains exclusive authority however (even in the absence of prior consultation with the Client) with regard to decisions on lay-out, including changes.

9.4 WTC is entitled to include any alterations or additions to the advertisement which have come to his attention through official channels, without the prior consent of the Client.

9.5 WTC may (at the request of the Client, who places an order to this effect) provide the Client with a Home Page, and accompanying Site(s), accessible from the In such cases, WTC will retain the right to decide on matters concerning placing, indexing, and accessibility of the Client Home Page and Site(s), and the inclusion of Hypertext.

9.6 WTC may (at the request of the Client, who places an order to this effect) see to the design and implementation of the Client Home Page and Site, possibly (but not necessarily) using Data Files.

9.7 If the Client cancels an Order without valid reason, then the Client will be charged 50% (fifty percent) of the fee agreed upon for that Order.9.9 If the Client desires adjustments, alterations and/or extensions, WTC can provide these for a fee based on current rates. The Client will place a separate Order for this purpose.

9.8 If the Client himself supplies Data Files to WTC, he will ensure that they fulfil HTTP requirements and WTC instructions in this regard. The Client guarantees the correctness and integrity of the Data Files, which will contain no viruses, bugs, or other foreign elements.

Article 10: Licenses related to Data Files and Computer Software

10.1 To the extent that WTC grants licenses relating to the use of Data Files and/or computer software to the Client, the following additional conditions apply:

the Client has a non-exclusive, non-transferable user right for the duration, as provided for in the licensing agreement. The Client is not allowed to sell, rent out, encumber, or sub-license the Data Files and/or computer software in question; nor to make them available to third parties in any form.

the Client will only load, execute, and (to the extent that they are utilised through a server present at WTC) examine physical data carriers, or copies made on-line, in the understanding however that the Client is allowed to make two (2) copies of the Data File and/or software for back-up purposes;

the Client will (to the extent that he has physical data carriers at his disposal) only load and execute the Data Files and/or software on the particular processing unit, and for the number and category of users, for which the license in question is granted.

10.2 To the extent that WTC grants Data File and/or software licenses from third parties, the licensing conditions of these third parties will apply.

10.3 To the extent that WTC manages Data Files for the Client, irrespective of whether these are actually run on equipment installed at WTC, the Client himself will remain responsible with regard to their use.

Article 11: Intellectual Property Rights

11.1 All intellectual or industrial property rights associated with Products, including, but not restricted to, Data Files, computer software, equipment, or other items such as analyses, designs, documentation, reports, and preparatory material, which have been developed or made available on the basis of the Agreement, are vested in WTC or her licensers. The Client only obtains user rights and authorisations which are explicitly granted in the present Terms, other terms, or in some other explicit manner. For the rest, the Client will not duplicate or make copies of software or other materials.

11.2 The Client is not allowed to alter or remove Products and or Services, including Home Pages, Sites and Domain Names, or identification marks and other markings placed on such Products, and/or other notices on Products concerning copyright, trade names or other intellectual property rights, and the confidential nature, or secrecy, of Products. Nor is he allowed to make alterations to, or imitations of, Products or parts of Products, nor make them available to third parties.

11.3 WTC has the right to take technical measures in order to protect its Products and/or Services. If WTC has taken technical security measures to protect its Products and/or Services, the Client is not allowed to remove or avoid them. If the security measures result in the Client not being able to make a reserve copy of software, then WTC will make a reserve copy of the software available to the Client on request.

11.4 The Client pledges to maintain secrecy with regard to Products and/or Services which contain confidential information or industrial secrets from WTC or her licensers, and only to use such Products and/or Services for the purpose for which they are supplied.

11.5 WTC indemnifies the Client against legal claims based on the assertion that the Products developed by WTC are in violation of intellectual or industrial property rights applicable in the Netherlands, on condition that the Client immediately informs WTC in writing of the existence and content of such claims, and leaves their handling, including negotiation of any settlements, entirely to WTC. The obligation to indemnify becomes null and void if, and to the extent that, the violation in question is related to alterations to the Product introduced by, or on behalf of, the Client. If it has been established by law as an indisputable fact that Products which WTC has itself developed constitute a violation of intellectual or industrial property rights ascribed to third parties, or if in the judgement of WTC there is a likelihood that such a violation has taken place, then WTC will either take the Products back, crediting the Client for the purchase price minus a reasonable charge for usage, or (depending on the Client's preference) see to it that the Client can continue to use the delivered Product, or other Products which are functionally equivalent.

11.6 Any other liability or obligation to indemnify on the part of WTC due to violation of intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties is excluded, including liability and obligation to indemnify for violations resulting from the use of Products in a modified form (but not modified by WTC) in combination with items, including software, not supplied or provided by WTC, or violations due to use of Products for purposes other than those for which they were intended.

Article 12: Rates/Prices

12.1 Unless indicated otherwise, all WTC prices are expressed in Euro's, and are exclusive of value added tax and other government levies. Unless explicitly indicated otherwise, all costs associated with acquiring and/or maintaining on-line network connections and/or telecommunications and data communications facilities will be charged to the Client.

12.2 Where an Agreement has been concluded which involves periodic payments by the Client, and three months or more have passed since the conclusion of the Agreement, WTC is entitled to adjust its applicable prices and rates, giving one month's written notice to this effect. If the Client does not agree with these adjustments, he is entitled to terminate the Agreement, in writing, within five days. The date of termination is that upon which the adjustments to rates and prices would have come into effect, according to the notification sent out by WTC.

Article 13: Payment

13.1 The Client will pay WTC the amount charged to him effective in the currency and according to the conditions indicated on the invoice and/or the Where specific conditions are not stated, the Client will enact payment within 30 days of the date of invoicing.

13.2 All amounts charged to the Client are to be paid without discounts or deductions. The Client is not authorised make adjustments to the amount payable, nor to defer any of his obligations to WTC with regard to payment.

13.3 If the Client fails to pay the amount due within the period agreed upon, then the Client will be obliged to pay a rate of interest for overdue payment on that amount, without notice of default being required, and commencing on the day that payment becomes overdue, which is equal to the current statutory interest rate in the Netherlands increased by three percent. In such cases, WTC is entitled to deny access to the with immediate effect, and to cease delivering Products and/or Services, until such time as the Client pays the amount owed.

13.4 If, following notice of default, the Client persists in not paying what is owed, then WTC may place the claim in external hands. In that case the Client will be obliged to pay, alongside the total amount of the unpaid bill, full compensation for out-of-court costs and court costs incurred by WTC, including costs calculated by external experts and costs determined by law, and costs associated with collection of the debt and any legal costs, whereby total compensation will in any case amount to at least fifteen percent (15%) of the total amount owed.

13.5 If WTC has doubts at any time as to the creditworthiness of the Client, then WTC is entitled, before performing (further) services, to demand advance payment or adequate security from the Client. This security should equal the sum of the amounts (irrespective of whether they are due for payment) which WTC is owed, or will be owed, by the Client on the basis of the Agreement (this to be judged by WTC).

Article 14: Retention of Ownership and Rights

14.1 Irrespective of whether actual delivery has taken place, ownership of Products is only transferred to the Client when the Client has fully paid up all present and future debts to WTC arising from an Agreement.

14.2 The Client is not entitled to rent out, lend, pledge, or otherwise encumber Products, without the prior written consent of WTC. Furthermore, the Client is only entitled to sell or supply Products owned by WTC to third parties, to the extent that this is necessary in the context of the Client's normal business operations.

14.3 In the event of seizure, provisional suspension of payments, or bankruptcy, the Client will immediately point out the (property) rights of WTC to the assigned bailiff, administrator or bankruptcy trustee. The Client will ensure that any seizure of Products owned by WTC is immediately withdrawn.

14.4 Any rights granted or, in the event of this being provided for in an agreement, transferred, to the Client, are only granted or transferred on the condition that all payments agreed upon for this purpose are paid up on time and in full.

Article 15: Term of Delivery

15.1 The term of delivery cited by WTC is based on the circumstances in which WTC finds itself at the time the Agreement is concluded, and, to the extent that WTC is dependent on the performance of third parties, on the information given to WTC by such third parties. WTC will observe the term of delivery agreed upon as far as is possible.

15.2 WTC retains the right to effect delivery in stages.

15.3 If, in order to execute an Agreement, WTC requires information or auxiliary materials which can only be provided by the Client, then the delivery term will not commence earlier than the day on which all necessary information and/or auxiliary materials come into the possession of WTC.

15.4 In the event of the delivery term being exceeded, the Client has no right to any form of compensation. Nor will this imply any right to dissolve the Agreement, unless the delivery term has been exceeded to such an extent that it would be unreasonable to expect the Client to observe the part of the Agreement in question. In that case, the Client is entitled to dissolve the Agreement to the extent that this is strictly necessary.

Article 16: Inspection and Complaints

16.1 The Client is obliged to thoroughly inspect Products and Services on the Client's computer system (or some other way) as soon as they become available on This obligation applies on every occasion where new Products and Services become available. Complaints must be reported to WTC in writing within five working days following the date when Products and/or Services are made available.

16.2 Following the detection of a defect, the Client is obliged to bring use, handling, processing, and/or installation of the Products and/or Services to an immediate halt, and further to do all that is reasonably in his power to prevent (further) damage.

Article 17: Co-operation from the Client

17.1 The Client will lend his full co-operation at all times during execution of the Agreement, and furnish any data or information useful and necessary for adequate execution of the Agreement at the time it is needed.

17.2 The Client himself is responsible for the use and application in his organisation of computer equipment and computer programs from the services to be provided by WTC, as well as for monitoring and security procedures, adequate system management, maintenance of (tele)communications facilities, and (the use of) data files.

17.3 The Client will make all necessary materials, samples and information available on time, and guarantees their completeness and accuracy. WTC is not liable for damages resulting from mistakes in cartographic images, data files, names, or for mistakes in their conversion. The Client indemnifies WTC against claims from third parties relating to (alleged violation of) intellectual property rights, or other claims, such as claims made on the grounds of misleading advertising in relation to publication by WTC of material supplied by the Client (whether or not through the Internet).

Article 18: Warranty

18.1 WTC guarantees the Client that on delivery, Products will meet the requirements agreed on for the Products in question, and in the case of software, generally fulfil the required functional specifications, provided all Products are used in a normal and prudent fashion, and instructions for use of the Products, as well as other warranty provisions included in the Agreement, Terms, or documentation accompanying Products, are followed on time and in full. WTC guarantees the Client that it will do its utmost to ensure that Services are meticulously executed, and to the extent that these are specified in an Agreement, execute Services as far as reasonably possible in accordance with that Agreement.

18.2 Where WTC delivers products to the Client which it has acquired from its own suppliers, WTC is not bound to any guarantee with respect to the Client which goes further than the claims WTC is entitled to make on its own supplier.

Article 19: Other Obligations of the Client

19.1 The Client will provide WTC with any necessary data and information required for the timely execution of its tasks, and guarantees the accuracy and completeness of such information.

19.2 The Client takes care of his own affairs, provided this does not interfere with certain periods of time agreed upon, including delivery, collection, and installation times.

19.3 The Client must terminate any current Agreements for advertising on the, current subscriptions, or other continuing performance contracts, in writing, and subject to three (3) months notice.

19.4 No refunds will be given for subscriptions already taken out.

Article 20: Default/Dissolution

20.1 If the Client fails to fulfil any of his obligations arising from an Agreement adequately and in time, then the Client is in default de jure and WTC is entitled:

to suspend execution of all Agreements until compliance by the Client is adequately secured; and/or

to dissolve the Agreement in question in part or in its entirety.

20.2 In the event of (provisional) suspension of payments, bankruptcy, cessation of operations or dissolution of the Client company, all Agreements with the company will be dissolved by operation of law, unless WTC informs the Client within a reasonable period of time that it desires compliance with (a part of) the Agreement(s). In the latter case, WTC is entitled to suspend execution of the Agreement(s) without giving notice of default until such time as compliance by the Client is adequately secured. The provisions of the previous article are not in any way prejudicial to other rights of WTC based on law and the Agreement.

Article 21: Transfer of Rights

21.1 WTC is entitled to transfer rights arising from an Agreement to a third party. The Client is only authorised to do this if he has received prior written permission from WTC to this effect.

Article 22: Liability of WTC

22.1 WTC only accepts legal obligation to pay damages compensation to the extent specified in the present article.

22.2 The total liability of WTC for attributable shortcomings in its compliance with an Agreement is limited to compensation for direct financial loss amounting to no more than the price and/or payment (excluding VAT) stipulated for that Agreement. Where the Agreement concerns the provision of services, or if it is a continuing performance contract which runs for more than one year, then the stipulated price is determined to be the sum total of set payments (excluding VAT) over one year. Total compensation for direct financial loss will not under any circumstances amount to more than ten thousand Euro's (€ 10,000).

22.3 Liability of WTC for financial losses such as loss of profits, lost savings, damages due to stagnation of business operations, or damages in connection with loss of data, is expressly excluded.

22.4 The total liability of WTC for damages resulting from death or bodily injury, or material damage to items (which is attributable) will not under any circumstances amount to more than twenty thousand guilders (NLG 20.000) per event, whereby it is understood that a series of connected events are to be regarded as a single event.

22.5 Liability on the part of WTC due to attributable failure to comply with the Agreement can only ensue if the Client has given immediate, valid notice of default to WTC in writing, specifying a reasonable period for rectification of the shortcoming, and if WTC persists in its failure to comply with its obligations beyond this specified period. The notice of default should include a description of the shortcoming which is as detailed as possible, so that WTC is able to adequately respond.

22.6 The Client indemnifies WTC against all claims from third parties on grounds of product liability due to defects in a product or system supplied by the Client to a third party as a result of an advertisement on the

Article 23: Force Majeure

23.1 If WTC, due to non-attributable failure (force majeure), is unable to fulfil its obligations to the Client, then compliance with those obligations is suspended for the duration of force majeure circumstances.

23.2 If force majeure circumstances persist for more than sixty (60) days, both parties have the right to terminate the Agreement as agreed in part or in its entirety, inasmuch as this is justified by force majeure circumstances.

23.3 In the event of force majeure the Client has no right to any (damages) compensation, even if WTC obtains some advantage due to the force majeure circumstances.

Article 24: Applicable Law, Competent Court

24.1 These Terms and all Agreements entered into are subject to the law of the Netherlands.

24.2 Applicability of the Viennese Purchasing Convention 1980 (CISG) is excluded.

24.3 Any disputes arising in connection with the Agreement or these Terms will, except where the law prescribes otherwise, be subject to the judgement of the competent court in Amsterdam, on the understanding that WTC is also entitled (not necessarily at the same time) to bring claims against the Client before other courts of justice which are competent to deal with such claims.


These General Terms and Conditions were filed on 22 march 1999 at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, under number 34113836.