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Equipment Focus ® is the digital link between suppliers and buyers. The independent Trade Centre which gives you and the market the opportunity to make use of the electronic facilities. In other words, a digital edition, where supply and demand meet and everything is focused on being of the utmost service to the visitor of the Centre. Each minute, day and night, the whole year round.

The advantage of topicality

Equipment, trucks, cars and accessories are offered. The minute, hourly, dayly, weekly, weekly ,monthly or permenent publications are show. Rent, buy, sell, The topicality of Equipment Focus ® is the most outstanding advantage. Supply and demand is inserted by you or our service desk, immediately in the Trade Centre. This centre is for everyone easy to find and accessible, wherever in the world!

Time differences no longer exist.

The advantage of gaining time

Gaining time exists.

Buying and selling are taking place faster and more direct.

Via e-mail information can be requested and given instantly. In short: business is done directly with the seller, buyer, hirer or letter.

The advantage of world-wide

Equipment Focus ® brings world-wide attention to supply and demand of equipment. Whatever is asked for in Hamburg, Sydney, Durban or Tokio, today, coincides with whatever is offered at the same time in Paris, Buenos Aires or Shanghai. Furthermore, this puts you into the position to quickly compare various equipment in respect of supply, price and specifications etc.

A tremendous advantage !

The advantage of simplicity

Equipment Focus ® site is built up in such a way that searching for a particular machine becomes ever so simple. The lay-out according to product categories, sub-categories and even specific machine details will show you the way quickly. 

Are you looking for an excavator, then you select this world, and subsequently you choose a sub-category, for instance “mini” or “rubber tired”, consequently you will see on your screen all machines in this section which are for sale at the moment wherever in the world.
With, for instance “land” as favourite incorporated in your screen, you will find what you are looking for with 4 clicks and you will be back in 1 click.

The advantage of independency

Equipment Focus ® is an independent, unrelated organisation accessible to every Internet user interested in (used) heavy equipment, plant, trucks, vessels and aircraft etc. World-wide supply & demand is be consulted in the Equipment Focus ®, which offers an up to date summary with names and addresses of the supplier and the up to date additional details and photographs of the equipment concerned.

If specific information is required about a machine on offer, a phone call or e-mail directly to the suppliers suffices.

Who pays for Equipment Focus ® service?

After entering and paying an agreement with Equipment Focus ®  The supplier is authorised by means of an exclusive ID number and Password to enter the electronic files of the Trade Centre. The supplier himself enters the details of his equipment (possibly with photographs) on-line.

Costs for this service and his advertisement are calculated on a monthly basis (see price list) and are, in comparison to the ‘cut up’ and ‘regular’ – printed – sources of information, very low!

On-line inserting and mutating by yourself

The suppliers of (used) heavy equipment can insert their machines themselves and make corrections (wherever in the world); this takes no longer than 2 to 3 minutes. To do this no special knowledge is required! It is simple to keep one’s own offer on the site of Equipment Focus ®  up to date. The information on the stock list is therefore always complete and correct. And this is important for one’s own use as well as for (potential) buyers.

Linkage to your own home page – included in the price?

Owners of their own home page on Internet are linked by means of a button or banner to the Equipment Focus ®site. Persons interested can be switched through quickly to your home page and dispose over the information you supply on it. You can also have your home page placed within the domain of Equipment Focus ® 

The “Market & News“ button 
Ideal for the presentation of new products, 
company news and press releases

Not only we, but your college and/or you yourself can insert!

Wherever in the world!

Everyone who has been granted a password and an ID number can mutate their stock list or lease fleet “on-line” via Internet. Simplicity all round, enter your password and ID number, (select) add, (select) make, (select) type.
Subsequently you can insert by means of a standard inserting form specific details, such as description, condition, price etc. By clicking once the object is listed on Internet as for sale to buy or to let on either the world-wide Trade Centre “Equipment Focus ®” or on your own site (optional). And all this in less than 120 seconds.

The Equipment Focus ® management support system
The answer for fleetowners !

In co-operation with financial, insurance, value and operational specialists, Equipment Focus ® has developed the “Equipment Focus ® support system”.

This system makes it possible to keep the technical records of equipment, the financial and insurance technical and owner data up to date. The QE management support system leads to lower operational, insurance, financing and management costs, utilising your equipment.

Ask for more information!

Internet provider & bandwidth

Equipment Focus ® is not dependent on external providers because it works closely together with a specialised Internet provider. Special “bulk & quality” agreements have been made with them. This guarantees an optimum an interference free, quick access with optimal bandwidth, technical service and support.

As Equipment Focus ® customer, you may also use the rebate- and quality agreements when you switch on to this provider.
Equipment Focus ® world-wide in publicity!

To obtain the maximum Web-Exposure, we have presented ourselves to search engines, search programmes which help Internet users in their search for specific items. On top of this we place articles in appropriate news groups, and send press bulletins to electronic and printed magazines. We are predominantly present on specialised fairs, seminars and auctions and we advertise in various (specialised) media, world-wide 

Your buyer or supplier is only 1 click away from you!

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Equipment Focus ®,

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Phone: +31 85 48 24 260